Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Bear's Firsts

It's been a week of many firsts for Baby Bear as we've broken into the new year.

Well, today she may or may not have swallowed her first foreign object. I talked to the doctor's office and they gave me advice. I cannot be sure yet if she even ate it at all, but time will tell. I'll post a photo when I know. Just kidding!

Her first park trip in 2010

Last weekend she had her first girls' day out with Mommy and Nana. Where else, but IKEA! This time she did not eat through the pamphlet.

Her first tunnel exploration mission

Her first trip to IHOP (Not her first makeout session with a stuffed animal)

Her first nude photo shoot of 2010

How could I almost forget to include today's first, my inspiration for this whole post?

That's right, her first taste of chocolate. I don't think we gave the boys any until they were at least one, but I'm not sure. She wasn't too sure about it at first - same as with any new thing - but she ended up seeming pretty pleased with it.

Oh, and see the hairclip keeping her locks out of her little eyes? Yeah, that's our foreign object...


  1. Cute pictures! Love the first one!

  2. Oh, no! Do you know that's the first thing I thought when I saw those tiny clips but I figured she must not mess with them. :O Scary. Push the apple juice. lol

  3. That's the sad thing. She doesn't mess with them. As long as I don't lay her down for nap with it in her hair. :(

    I found a clip, but I'm not completely sure it's the one or not.

  4. Look at all those teeth! Remember, her first step has to wait until I'm home!

  5. She is a sweetie, how can she ever do anything wrong!

  6. Please spare us the picture of the proof....

  7. Lovely photos - she is a cutie!!