Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweet Day

Yeah, I fibbed. I will eventually get to the post about our Orlando vacation. There are hundreds of photos to sort through and prepare. In the meantime, I don't want the rest of our life to slip by undocumented...

We went to the zoo yesterday with Grammy, Aunt Brianna, Laura Anne, and Caleb. It was a blast, and I took over 80 pictures, so...

On to today! :) Joshua came over and played with us most of the day. Right away we went out for a nice long walk, zig-zagging around the neighborhood. Three boys are such dynamos of energy! They feed off each other. It was a blast and no one got any lasting boo-boos.

And they're off!

Sweet boys showing me their "five stick" and "one sticks", respectively.

Graceful princess, keeping an eye on all her loyal subjects.


  1. You really take great pictures, Alana. :D Love 'em!!