Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are very overwhelmed this week with thankfulness to the Lord for the wonderful life He's blessed us with. Not only do we get to be with Him every day, talk with Him, be held close by Him, and live with Him forever, He has given us too much to enjoy while we're here. God is good, people. God is good.

We had a wonderful holiday with our families. It was so perfect, even with splitting our time among three homes: ours, my parents', and Brandon's parents'. All the kids were well behaved, everyone was in good spirits, and all the food was amazing.

Our only issue was that the boys were pretty pooped all day from a nonstop fever that started last night. This seems to be the same flair up they've had twice in six months already. Odds are that the fevers will subside tomorrow, to be followed in two or three days by a bumpy rash all over. If this turns out to be the same thing, they are definitely visiting the doctor.

Before we left this morning, we made some adorable turkey place cards for everyone eating at my mom's house, where we had our big meal. We traced the boys's hands for most of the adults (one of mine for the odd-numbered extra adult), and Baby Bear's for her and cousin Mady. We managed to completely forget to make some for the boys themselves, so Daddy whipped up some copies just before we ate.  (Baby Bear's looks a little mangled because it accidentally got wadded up and trashed for a little bit before I panicked and found it.)

They have a new kitten of unknown gender, currently going by the name of "Kitty kitty". Cute, but causes all the Lingles to have allergy issues.

Cute kids posing for the camera as they "ate" dinner, and other fun goings on.

Then we headed to Brandon's fam's house for dessert and more fun. Rock Band, kids, Spongebob, and games were enjoyed. Okay, we had the kids vegg out while we played Pictionary. I feel bad. (And they don't necessarily look like they're enjoying the show, but trust me, they did.)

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  1. Aw...I love sweet days like you had!! :-) Happy late Thanksgiving!