Monday, November 16, 2009


So, yeah it was two weeks ago. Wow.

Daddy returned not only on time this time, but several hours early! So I didn't get to doll up like I'd hoped, but I got the kids all dressed up in their halloween costumes like I'd planned. He had missed it, and it was only a couple of days after, so we surprised him.

It was also nice to sit and wait and greet him in the airport, instead of picking him up at the curb. We got to do the whole adorable running-to-see-him thing. It was a blast.

The boys look like they're looking at all the other paparazzi cameras

Then we went out to eat nearby, a tradition we seem to have started for his return days. This time it actually went really well. Baby Bear seems to have moved past the stranger fear phase, and she was flirting from the moment she saw him. She has been so happy to see him and be with him ever since. And the boys of course were jubilant. Thankfully we were there when the restaurant opened, so it wasn't too rude to have the boys so happy.

Conked out after a fun day with Daddy!

Since then, it seems like we've been moving nonstop. Next post is about our immediate vacation to Orlando.


  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad you snapped those sweet pics. I love homecoming pictures! :-) Can't wait to view the vacation. :-)

  2. One of my favorite moments ever. And don't let her fool you. Even though she didn't get "dolled up" she was very beautiful.

  3. That's a sweet thing to say, Brandon. :) That was such a cool idea, have the kiddos in their costumes!

  4. Awesome! You guys are a beautiful family!