Thursday, April 15, 2010


...we went on a fairly successful Walmart run (meaning we only got in the way of 4 or 5 other customers with our random running in circles up every aisle).

...we stopped by the library for a quick stop and some Thomas the Tank Engine books. Frankly, I am so sick of them and hate the way they read. But the boys keep checking out the same derned ones. One of them is basically the Thomas Bible, at a whopping 508 pages.

...we got some more parts of our fun handwriting stuff in the mail - the wooden lines and curves we'll use to play games and make letters with.

...we "dressed up". She requested each of these accessories - bib included - be added to her outfit as we played together this afternoon.

...we unwrapped our beautiful tulips from their protective plastic and enjoyed their beauteous beauty. And thought about what a wonderful man we have in our family.

...we enjoyed our snack and some productive playtime on the patio, out in the gorgeous spring air.

...we marveled at the wildlife on our patio. This butterfly has been flailing around back there for something like a week. He's very interesting, with a big fluffy white body and crazy yellow antennae. (I've now researched, and it's a Luna Moth. This is the one in the Lunesta commercials.) I thought it was nearly dead the first time we saw it on the ground, twitching. Then I saw it flopping around a couple days later. And now it's found its way up the wall, where it's barely twitching when blown upon. And the frog didn't look like he was feeling too good either.

...we fended off a fever in an already demanding little girl. It started last night at 101 and hovered under 100 throughout today. Thank God for acetaminophen. And spell check.

...we dissected a Honeybaked Ham and a rotisserie chicken to freeze most of them. I got some good deals on them, but being a "single mom" with picky kids means I have to save most of it for later.

...we watched tv and ate popcorn after dinner. We've avoided tv use for several days now, and Thursdays tend to be the hardest for me as far as loneliness and lack of energy to entertain them. So we vegged tonight.

...was a pretty decent day!


  1. Hmm, I left a comment on this yesterday. I must have done something wrong. I really enjoyed this post, Alana. The tulips are so beautiful and Anna is so cute playing "dress up"!

  2. I'm glad you had a good day! You are a good photographer! You will have to give me some tips! I'm a photographer wannabe!