Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today our boys were...

Cracking all of us up with general silliness and repetition of: "I'm making a joke!"  *insane giggling*  "I'm making a joke!"

Sharing incredibly intelligent conversation and comments.

Dishing out wonderfully sweet dialog, including randomly complimenting each member of the family in some fantastic way at least once, and encouraging each other. That's something that both makes me proud and melt from the cuteness of: my boys love to tell each other how great they are doing at something. If one cute little boy is coloring, building something with legos, or pedaling his bike, he has a cute little boy cheerleader at his side to keep him going strong.

Being much more attentive and obedient most of the day. I guess I should take into consideration the fact that they did take a nap today and then spent a couple hours in someone else's care at church, hehe. That might have made the day seem a little easier. But really, they were very good today.

Begging me to do school and squealing with joy when it was time. And then squealing again when we talked about how we get to do it again tomorrow. I am loving this eagerness!

Joyfully playing with their baby sister and giving her the best afternoon. The look on her face when they are purposely spending time with her is priceless. She looks like she feels like their equal.

Being friendly and so silly at church, greeting everyone we walked by and cracking up their teachers.

Making bonds with friends. They have always been pretty independent kids in group settings, like at church. I think it's partly because they know they always have each other at home and stuff, so they felt no pressure to connect with other kids when they were there. Also because they were just quiet little men. But now they are starting to blossom and show an interest in their friends' whereabouts and personalities. Tonight they shared with me which kids they played with, what they said, when they didn't share, and who else played with whom. It's so exciting and scary at the same time. I know some of these kids' abilities to be hurtful at times, and I just wish I could be a kangaroo momma forever and protect them from every single hurt!

Admiring the adorableness of some younger siblings of their friends. I can tell they genuinely see the beauty in a smaller kid attempting to communicate and be sweet to them and I love it!

Growing in leaps and bounds. This was one of those days when I totally get how almost every parent thinks their preschooler is a genius because of the intense leaps they make in intelligence. I have long noticed patterns in their learning curves. They seem to hit a plateau of sorts, when they are processing and playing. These last weeks or months. Then they suddenly rock my world, busting out with crazy insights and maturity. Parenting is one of God's most amazingly wonderful plans, and I am so incredibly thankful that I get to be in on it!

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  1. One of my favorite posts ever. I am so proud of them and I am so proud of you for doing so amazing by yourself. Reading this makes me miss everybody even more (I didn't think I could).