Sunday, May 24, 2009

So Proud

What a great day we had yesterday! We are attempting the "potty training in three days or less" theory this Memorial Day weekend. We were really excited to start our weekend of poopy and peepee fun!

It started out a little crazy, with Mommy in charge of the potty reminders and nakedness because Daddy was outside working on the car. It was hectic, but could have been much worse. I got a little distracted, so missed a poopy accident until after the fact. Quite a mess to clean up, but kept pretty sane.

Long story short, with lots of fun successes involved, my boys did awesome! Lots of peepee visits, and one very exciting poopy visit each. We celebrated like we won the lottery on those two.

Unfortunately, with church this morning, lunch out and about (because I locked us out of the house this morning and had to go across town to get my mom's key), then naptime and grocery shopping, they were in diapers all day today. So we'll try again tomorrow, until we go to family's house for a Memorial Day - slash - bulk birthday dinner.

I'm so proud of my boys. We knew they were ready, but still.

Okay, some pictures... None of them came out that great, and I guess I'll spare you the zoom-ins of the products...

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