Thursday, May 21, 2009

Again with the lameness!

Okay, I'll try to be more positive. I am working on that in general. I don't feel as negative as I know I come off to others, and I want to be a better representative of the joy I have in Christ and my family, so I'm working on it...

Anyway, I do feel lame that this blog has been totally neglected for, well, forever. I have such a tendency to get all fired up about something just to let it sit and be forgotten. So frustrating! Then when I think of taking up the blog work again, I feel like I'm copying someone, or like I'm talking about myself too much, etc. Wow, I am a downer! :)

So here I am, making an update. Just a note so I can tell myself it's possible to do.

Wow, my last update was about my boys almost turning two. They are almost three now and their new baby sister is three months old! Lots of changes, but lots has stayed the same. I'll never love my kids or be amazed by them any less as time goes by. I'll never be less impressed with my amazingly strong and giving husband.

Okay, all three are waking from their naps, so I'm outta here. Yay! It feels great to have finally done an update!

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